"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wentworth Mansion

I have always loved walking past the old Wentworth house. I'm always fascinated by it's size, construction, architecture, and history. 
The staff is so friendly here and on nice days they are often outside in front talking to people. Our little granddaughter loves to run up on those stairs you see pictured behind me in the above photo.
The house was built for Francis Silas Rodgers, wealthy (of course! LOL) cotton merchant.  He married a lady  named Marie Elizabeth Evans Cochran and they had thirteen kids! Well, guess they sure had room for them!
This is the back of the house:
Its built in the Second Empire style and I love looking at the old dormers, the decor on the roof, and all the windows.
Today the house is a Five Star luxury Inn and it has a restaurant and spa. I think it sits on almost an acre of property, which was a huge lot back when it was constructed. You just didn't get a big yard in the city back in those days. You still don't. LOL
They did a big renovation on the house back in 1998 and they added CENTRAL AIR. Can you imagine heating/cooling a home this big? 
on this day Gypsy decided she was headed into the entrance in the back, which is where they put a nice restaurant (Circa 1886) in the old carriage house.  I had to tell her "not today girl....maybe another time". 
Surprisingly, the property, rooms and grounds are pet friendly! So maybe Miss Gypsy heard that through the doggie grapevine....you know how word gets around.....


  1. What a beautiful building! Have you ever eaten in the restaurant?

  2. Wow, what an amazing mansion! I bet those rooms are just gorgeous! That is so neat it is dog friendly:)

  3. Now that is definitely a mansion!

    I saw today that the new Garden & Gun issue that came in the mail has an interview with Charleston's long time mayor. Will look forward to reading that, as I do everything about Charleston.