"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Rain

I love summer rain!
I love to hear the thunder and I don't mind the lightning....if it's not too close!

Everything gets washed nice and clean. And the plants and vegetables and flowers get a good drink!

We were walking to supper that night and a couple of times we had to stop and take a break underneath awnings.

By the time we finished eating, the rain had stopped and it was a quiet and peaceful night in Charleston.
I was so glad I had worn my rain boots and my feet didn't get wet at all!

It poured the rain and we had a great walk anyway! Thank you for visiting with me today, and are you getting much rain where you live?


  1. Wow! That last photo looks like sheets or rain....hard to capture with a camera. We've been having pop up showers in the afternoon, about the time we are getting ready to grill. Yesterday it missed us though. Love your cute outfit. Hugs, Diane

  2. OH, Yes. Quite often for the past while, and a LOT. It's come in a bit several times into the basement area with the new kitchen, and I've walked so many times on towels on this slick slate floor, while all this old ugly carpet dries and the great whooshes of the drying machines and dehumidifiers do their miraculous thing. While Chris was away for the weekend, I emptied the 2-gallon tank on one ELEVEN times. Lotsa damp in the air.

    I DO love a Summer walk in the rain, for it lends a different air to a trip to the PO, or a little jaunt out for milk. And your own path, through the bright lights and historical places and clean-swept streets---that adds a bit of adventure to a plain "walk out to dinner" which even a limo-pick-up doesn't offer. (Unless, of course, that limo also contains Bond-James-Bond, with assorted thugs and rascals in pursuit).

    And I don't mind AT ALL getting wet when I'm on my way home and can get into the house and grab a fluffy towel and fresh comfy cotton casuals. There's just something about getting damp or drenched, then coming home to those fresh dry cottons---the feel of them against your skin and the gentle clean-ness of the feeling---it's just another little lagniappe of life that can't be matched.

    Those walks in the rain are outmatched only by the ne plus ultra---a screen porch, a rocking chair or old porch swing, a quilt over you lap, and the rain occasionally dampening your toes and book. Now that's the way to enjoy the rain.

    Hope you're otherwise staying dry, well and happy, my Faraway Friend!


  3. We've had a good amount of rain, too. Guess you are sending it on our way. Thanks.

  4. I love rain also---even more so now (after our huge drought last year).... When it rains here now, I REJOICE..... Great group of pictures in the rain. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Wow -- that's pretty serious rain! But it looks like you had a good time. I love SOME rain but when it happens every day it gets old!

  6. We need the rain bad! It rained in some spots around here on that same day as you....poured but missed our neighborhood 😢