"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, July 21, 2017

Rock Climbing

Turn around......we're over here!

"how's my pony-tail holding up?"

There are rock climbing walls all over the city! and admission is FREE!

"I should've worn shoes!"

"Bathing suit? uh---no this is NOT a bathing suit y'all. These are my short-shorts! 1959 original swimsuit?--nope, no way!-this is a "play-suit"! A "romper"? Work-out attire?----okay, okay---it's a bathing suit! But I HAVE put a little t-shirt on over it for coverage, see? I AM THE 1959 version after all....and a lady my age doesn't show TOO much, right?

"gotta catch up on the blogs!"


  1. Abs-solutely CHARMING!! As everything seems to be in your fair City, and you've taken a sweaty, energetic, muscle-cramping sport and made it absolutely fashionable!

    And I do swear, that though she doesn't look a Minute OF her age, Miss B. is of the same era as my Sis' family of Barbies, for whom I made countless small wardrobes from fabric scraps, petticoat lace, dotted Swiss and all the netting and ribbon from the dried corsages on my pink-satin-covered bulletin board when I was a teen.

    That was my own ponytail, ca. 1958, though rock-climbing then meant getting yourself out up the rocky path after you'd spent the afternoon swimming in the quarry.

    Fun beginning to the weekend---hope yours is happy and cool!


  2. i have always wanted to go rock climbing - but i am afraid that ship may have sailed. it sure does look fun!!!

  3. If only I could climb a rock, and if I did, hold up and look as good as Barbie does! :) I've just enjoyed catching up with your last few posts...that hood ornament looks very antique, doesn't it. I remember hood ornaments very well. I also like that yard in the city. You see such pretty things to photograph in and around Charleston. Have a great weekend!!

  4. She's quite the dare devil....I worried about her the whole time! Hope she's inside today having a spa day! heehee! Hugs!

  5. You have the best sense of humor. Barbie's climbing clothes crack me up!