"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, May 15, 2017

Fountain of Flowers

I passed by this bright pink beauty while walking over  to photograph the beautiful fountain of flowers and the pretty scenes at both Husk and Poogan's Porch restaurants.

Both restaurants are in old homes. They are so pretty!

Isn't this fountain gorgeous?
I love how they planted such a good variety of flowers and vines in it.

Guess fountains don't have to have water to be gorgeous!


  1. Oh, Debbi! A Flower Fountain! How creative and oh, so beautiful! I would love to dine at either of those restaurants! I always know I'm going to see 'Pretty' when I come over here to visit! But you keep on surprising me with new pretty pics and ideas!
    Wishing you a week of PRETTY!

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Debbi! Been looking for some inspiration for my window boxes. If it works for a fountain, it ought to work in a flower box!


  3. Charleston has so much beauty......everywhere you look!

  4. Oh wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing its beauty with us!

  5. How beautiful, Debbi! I'll bet the food is good too ;)

    By the way, I loved your description of your home on my post. It sounds like heaven to me!


  6. That fountain is fabulous! I start counting....how much would it cost to plant it! Enjoy your week! It's HOT!!!

  7. I have seen many flower fountains before but this may be one of the most beautiful. The combination of color and texture is fabulous!

  8. What a perfectly marvelous entree to such a fabulous dining experience! Outdoors on the gallery would be my choice, as well.

    My dear yard guy cleared out all the Winter's debris and new weed growth from the hostas yesterday, and i declare, I'm headed for Lowe's for some of that purple kale stuff---I say every year I want some, and it's usually in July, in fleeting glimpse of an arrangement somewhere along the street.

    Hope all is well with Y'all over there!!


  9. That fountain of flowers is so pretty. Love it.

  10. You are so correct... fountains don't have to have water to be gorgeous... Love love love the flowers in the fountains and at those restaurants.... GORGEOUS.

    We love Poogan's Porch --and ate there when we were in Charleston last Nov/Dec..... We were back at the beach in NC in the past week or two, and we did travel NEAR (but didn't stop) Charleston as we worked our way to Jacksonville and then on to Tampa where we attended a wedding.... BUT--it was hard NOT stopping in Charleston... I'm sure it's beautiful in Spring. Thanks for sharing.