"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Notice anyone unusual? Maybe that pirate at the edge of the curb there?

Actually he's not at ALL UNUSUAL. We run into people in period dress and in "character" costumes all the time for their positions in the many museums and as tour directors.

Here's the real pirate's courtyard:

This hangs on the front of the house that faces the street

The house was built in the early 1700s and was known as a place where pirates hung out--even Blackbeard was said to have taken lodging here. I read that there was a tunnel from the Battery that ended up at this house, in the basement. Pirates and other criminals did much smuggling, gambling, and other criminal activity here and were able to escape through the tunnel. Workers filled the tunnel with sand while working on the sewer in the 1930s. Human bones and other bits of dishes and pottery have been found in the home's basement. Some people think Blackbeard buried gold in the basement or in the tunnel itself. It has never been found.

should we go back there??

I will if y'all will!!!............
down the looooooooon skinny passageway............
(House to the left---brick cemetery wall on the right)
........and these days it opens out to a lovely courtyard that is shared by several condos I believe!
....no pirates, no gold, nothing scary.
But once upon a time...................


  1. ahhh, you are so much fun, Gypsy....:)

  2. very cool - your walks are fun and you find the most interesting things!!! have a fun sunday!!!

  3. That narrow way of ancient brick and twisted iron to match the out-grabbing limbs---nothing scary there. Right.

    I'd go in a heartbeat. What a fantastic legend/history of such an enchanting city as yours. Ours has very few ghosts and scarce a scary landmark, nor is there such an air of mystery over this plain, upstanding place. Nothing like your pirates and smugglers and dead man's gold. Wow.

    It's the heat and the history and the overhanging boughs over the landscape, I think, with crape myrtle and wisteria vines like writing snakes upon the trees. Oh, and that midnight garden thing, as well.

    I simply LOVED your comment today, and if I can get a moment this day to get it together, I'd like to use it as a post in the next couple of days, with my own memories of wonder bread and plank-floored store aiseles.

    No ponies for my generation, alas, just pegboards and checkerboards topped with two brands of bottle-tops for the "men."

    Thanks for your memories, all round---yours and mine.


  4. What a wonderful courtyard setting. Would love a condo there!

  5. How fun! Yes, I can imagine that when you are in a city that draws tourists you see pirates! Lovely photos as always.