"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Charleston Christmas Parade 2015

(above) I think this is my favorite picture of the day.......just love seeing their joy and excitement at every single entry in the parade! I also love that their parents let them wear their favorite "princess" dresses for the happy and fun occasion!

I love all the bands that come out for the parade. I love hearing the songs they've been practicing and seeing their uniforms and watching them perform.
Here come the majorettes!!

This little dog was enjoying the nice day

Looks like this one was just plum tuckered out!

This drum major was having so much fun! He was entertaining!

Santa, of course, finished off the 2015 Parade. It was another great Charleston parade! We had a great time!


  1. What wonderful Christmas parade pics! What fun! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great job you did taking pictures. I felt like I had was right there watching the parade. So neat and so AMERICA! I loved it! And the tot's in their little princess dresses was my favorite. Those are just the cutest kids.

  3. I love the princess shot - the little girl with pink boots is precious. Fun to see the "moves" of the band members, too! lol
    Great parade photos.
    Merry Christmas to a wonderful blog friend!

  4. what an AWESOME parade, i LOVE parades!!!!! i so enjoyed all those sweet faces and the grinch, i LOVE the grinch!! merry christmas debbi, have a wonderful holiday!!!!

  5. I would love to hear the bands and the amazing music they are famous for. LOVE the sweet little girls at the beginning. That photo is priceless! And what neat photos of Santa! Better be good...tonight's the night! Holiday hugs, Diane

  6. Ohhh Fun Debbi!!!
    A Christmas Parade!!
    Gosh - I love small towns!!