"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Holiday in Savannah

About a week before Christmas we visited lovely Savannah.

The bridge into Savannah:

A beautiful blue-sky day!

This tree is just amazing!!

Savannah has some amazing historic churches and temples

and they really are not leaning like the Tower of Pisa...I just had my camera crooked! LOL

Beautiful big old live oaks drizzled with spanish moss:

The old white cast iron fountain in Forsyth Park. It was put here in 1858.

We came upon a wedding:

A pretty place to get married!

the petals from the ceremony:

Our girls enjoyed their scenic ride to Savannah....but were also so glad to get out and explore the paths in the park! And all the sights! And the SMELLS!!

Tammie and I enjoying walking around the pretty fountain:

The lovely park surrounding the fountain is 30 acres big. 

The fountain all decorated for the holidays:

Savannah is set on 24 little "parks" or squares. The city is full of lovely historical homes and sights. I sure enjoyed a peek at all the beautiful old homes.

the back of a townhouse:
Some kind of ivy or greenery growing all over this house!

Sweet little kitty came galloping up and meowing at me......I think I am just a cat magnet! LOL Doesn't he have a royal lion-like face?

Love this shade of blue for a house!

My favorite street in Savannah:

I loved this door!!

Love all the ornamental iron work on the banisters and posts, it's amazing!

Check out the tenacious greenery growing right out of the concrete cracks around this doorway!

Apartments even in the very top of tall buildings. Many stairs to climb!

Aren't these windows beautiful?

So much amazing architecture...enough to keep me busy for a long time. The city seems to be very much like our Charleston. 
Love this old red brick and the arches!
and the built in breezy balconies! Not sure if this is a business building, apartments,  or condos.

Around the city, lights are coming on.

People settling in for the winter night....perhaps wrapping presents, watching t/v, reading a good long book they've been eager to get to.
(above) the glow in a big bay window looks so homey doesn't it?
Loved our time in Savannah! Hope to return!


  1. Such a beautiful city! Blessings for the New Year. xoxo Su

  2. that beautiful bridge sure does lead to a glorious city, everything is gorgeous, special!! i loved that big ole' tree and the colors of the homes and townhomes. it feels like a a very welcoming place, "i enjoyed visiting" this time of year, seeing all the christmas lights!!!

  3. Good morning!
    I loved living in the South and the moss hanging from the tree's is one of the things I miss the most. There is definitely a "feeling" that goes along with Southern living. I used to think I would move back one day..but now I know I won't. Thank you for sharing those lovely photo's of the park and the lovely southern homes.

  4. Debbi, such beautiful photos of Savannah! I do hope to get there some day. It's always been one of those places I wanted to visit. Love the pic of dog walking at the fountain. Discovered you at Lavender Dreams blog. Have a wonderful New Years! - Judy

  5. I loved visiting Savannah when I lived in SC. I loved shopping there too! I need to go back soon to Paris Market, one of my favorites. Did you ever eat at Mrs. Wilkes?

  6. Hi Debbi,

    I love Savannah and your pictures are wonderful

    You are on my list but I won't be blogging for a while.....I need to rest.

    Happy New Year, sweet lady.


  7. I really enjoyed this tour...so beautiful...would love to see this in person...

  8. Just beautiful Debbi, you and I must have the same taste. Historical homes and buildings always make me happy and that fountain is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you dogs enjoyed the day too!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  9. Lovely! I so could live in one of those lovely homes, walk to the fountain every day, and go to church in one of those lovelies!

  10. Wow there was a lot to see here. Savahanna looks like an awesome place to visit. I enjoyed your post & look forward to sharing many more with you in the coming New Year.

  11. You must walk quickly!! You went from one beautiful town (Charleston) to another!! Aren't they similar!! We need to go to Savannah during the holidays to see the decorations!!!
    Happy New Year Debbi!!!

  12. Gorgeous photos! I love the old homes. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Have a lovely New Year!

  13. Savannah was my favorite vacation spot before I got introduced to New York City LOl
    I have visited Savannah about 4 times, twice I went by myself and really enjoyed it.
    I ate at Paula Deen's restaurants took a tour and then met the couple who own Back In The Day Bakery on Bull street then are get bakers all from scratch.
    I recognized just about every house or building your pictured and of course all the fountains are so beautiful. I also toured Jim Williams house where the movie Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil was filmed and the story was about Jim Williams a famous local antique dealer

    I would love to visit Savannah again this year
    Thanks for visiting my posts I really appreciate it