"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sights around the City

I saw this bicycle laying on the city street. 

Then I saw the roses on it.
You can read about the  young boys who sell the palmetto roses here:

Usually this upstairs apartment has alot of lovely flowers blooming all summer long. I always make a point of seeing what is growing/blooming whenever we pass by.

I love the wild ivy that entangles itself all over and around and in between things...

Amazing big old porch. 

Signs of Fall abound....

Love this display of feathers these folks made and attached to their city gate!

Another big old Southern house

Love meandering our streets and seeing what is in bloom:

Interesting big old green house.........

take a closer look and you can see the little upstairs window opened up to let in the Fall breezes. I sure always wonder how they get these window unit air conditioners safely secured?

Beautiful cannas in full bloom:

Interesting roof isn't it? Oh........and there's another one of those air conditioners!

We went on by Canon Park to look at the columns. I love this little park. Dogs and their people meet here late in the afternoons to let their dogs off leash and let them run, and run, and play! 
Its a fun place to take your dogs.....or to just go watch the others play! many city dogs don't have yards, so grassy parks like this one are so welcome. And yes, we all carry bags and clean up after our doggies.....keeps it nice for everyone! Charleston is a very very dog friendly city, and we all live by these un-written rules and "code of conduct" so it remains a dog friendly place. There are very very FEW homes, apartments, and condos in our city that don't allow pets.
this is definetly not my "best" picture of the columns...but these are what it looked like on THIS night, so I'm putting them on here! LOL

One of my very very favorite scenes.........chippy old paint on old houses and porches! I would rather have this ANYDAY...than brand new paint! Notice that porch swing on this old porch....it doesn't get any better than that on a hot summer night!

I don't know what these spindly, twirling, twining flowers are. Does anyone know? I love their color!
After all our muggy, sweaty, summer city walking..........walking about now just feels glorious! The air is so refreshing and the breezes amazing! Its down to the 80s in the daytime here, but in the evenings when we usually walk, it's just been so cool and nice. I am loving it.

............and those were our scenes for that evening!


  1. How nice to be able to walk around such a lovely old city whenever you feel like doing so. Thanks for sharing the beauty of this town.


  2. The purple flower (usually labeled blue) is a fan flower. They come in pink, a few shades of blue, white and yellow. The blue is the most popular here and grow to be large, and beautiful plants. I use them quite a bit in my gardens, both in the ground and in hanging baskets. They are very hardy and some even survived a hard frost we had last week.

  3. I would never be able to get a "good walk" in for exercise because of ALLL the lovely homes and gardens and sights to see in your town!! You truly live in a City of beautiful homes on almost every corner!!! With history as rich as the homes!!

  4. Honey, if you love chippy paint you would adore my front porch! Now if I only felt that way about it I would stop bugging my poor husband about it.

    Canon Park sounds like a lovely place to go, but then it seems like any of the streets in Charleston have beauty at every step. I love the ideas of the feathers on the gate!

  5. The homes are beautiful and it's so nice when Fall comes and you still have pretty flowers to enjoy too. I miss putting out pumpkins but it's too hot to do that here. Enjoy the week ahead my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Porches, pumpkins, and lovely hibiscus are all favorites. What an enjoyable walk you shared!

  7. Oh I just love those scenes from your evening! Especially the photo of the cannas with the house beyond it, just beautiful. I always enjoy your posts.
    Have a great week,

  8. what a lovely place you have to walk. Much better than where I live! Lovely old homes... :)