"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall on the Front Porch

We saw some pretty things while rambling around on King Street last night:
I fell in love with these pretty yellow vases!
Our City streets:
(and lots of benches if you get tired)

This shop has lovely bright sparkling chandeliers!

Aren't they elegant?

I love making pictures of the doors, gates and windows downtown. The entrance to the stairs going up to this apartment building is a curiosity to me. If you are moving upstairs, how in the world do you get your furniture, especially a mattress or couches, past THIS?

I always pause to admire the pretty things on display at this antique store. It's my favorite!

Isn't this a GORGEOUS tea pot??

This reminds me of the old movie "PollyAnna". Does anyone remember that movie?

We came upon a young woman entertaining us. She had a lovely and strong voice and could play this banjo. I love banjo music!
This young couple and their doggie were enjoying the show.

Colorful scarves blowing in the Fall breezes!

I enjoy Anthropologie's windows as well....always bright and colorful!

Other things:
transferred most of my hot summer clothes and got out some Fall ones. This is my favorite Fall vest:

Harvested my parsley and basil. This was my first year to have an herb garden and I loved it!

I still have chives and others growing.

Have y'all seen the new line of dishes from the Pioneer Woman? They are pretty and I fell in love with the little creamers! They have teal and red I believe, and I grabbed this one with the flowers on it! She was the LAST ONE! Isn't she precious?

And I did do some Fall decorating:

I got these pretty earrings for only .99 cents a pair on the clearance aisle at Michaels! Just love 'em! Can't beat that deal!
What's everybody reading? Here's mine...

Some of these I have finished and many I have not even started! ha! LOL
(tried three times and that picture above came out sideways every time!!?  ha ha LOL) So I am leaving it that way.

......picked up the new Susan Branch 2016 calendars! They are gorgeous, as always!........

The floods seem to be over. But the clean up and repairs and rebuilding of homes and lives has just begun. I think the final death toll was 19 people lost. Still so many roads out. And bridges and dams broken, busted, and/or gone. So many people lost their homes, their cars,  and everything in their homes. 

These next nine pictures are not mine, I just snapped them as they were on the tv news. I am so glad so many volunteered to go get so many animals. Animals suffer too. So many were hurt, lost, or drowned.  So sad

This is one way to rescue a doggie!
Chickens and pigs too!

That's it for this time. I've been taking a short break from blogging. Hope this catches me up. I hope to be by to visit y'all this weekend. I am having trouble posting comments...many times I am half way through typing  a comment...and it just all erases!....so chances are...even if you don't see a comment from me....I did stop by! Going to try to get that fixed...


  1. what a storm that was and it's so much sadder when there is loss of life!!! your shopping adventure was a good one. i like the tunics in the beginning, as i am getting older and "a lil bigger" i am wearing shirts of that style with leggings, so much more comfort in those stretchy pants. love the scarves, i use those to cover my big neck, one more thing i love about winter, scarves!!!!

  2. Hi Debbi! I do love Pioneer Woman's little cow milk pitcher, it's so cute. I'm tempted to get one even though I just found a porcelain one at a yard sale. ;) Love the photos of the antiques.
    Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful! Love everyone of these pictures and the things in them! Can you imagine sitting down to eat at a table set with those lovely pieces in the antique stores and the yellow vases for the centerpiece?

  4. Debbi, that happens to me too sometimes when I comment at certain blogs, but don't know if it's a problem on mine for readers.

    Just heartbreaking to know that so many perished in the floods and the damage to your beautiful city is so sad, so many lives disrupted. And all the animals that must have been so afraid. Thank God for all the people who tried to help them.

    Thank you for the peek into pretty things in the stores. I pinned the chandelier to my Bouquets of Glass board! I do love that simple but fabulous blue evening gown!

    Your little cow creamer dish is so pretty. I didn't know she had ceramics in her line.

    Have a good week ahead, Debbi,

  5. Lots to see here today. - Looks like a great place to "Window Shop."

  6. Hello, it does look like a fantastic place to do some window shopping. Lovey items and images. My prayers go out to the victims of the flooding, the animals need help too. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  7. What a fun catch up post for me! I love all your pictures- those first shots of the streets are wonderful. And WHAT is that weird spiked thing in that doorway?
    I love the Pioneer Woman's stuff in Walmart. She has so many fun pieces-but I have not seen the little cow like you have there. Too cute!
    So sad about all the damage that is left behind from the flood...sad and scary to anyone that was directly involved.
    Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

  8. These rains and floods have been horrific and it's worse with the loss of lives. Praying for all of the folks in these areas. I enjoyed my stroll with you and I bought that same little creamer from the Pioneer Woman's things. I love it! Take care and it's beginning to get cold here. It's about 38' this morning. It warms up a bit in the day but those cold temps are on their way.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. When ever I watch about a natural disaster - my first thoughts are of the elderly and the animals!! My heart goes out to all - but especially the animals!!!!