"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hot Day on Spring

Another scorching hot Charleston day and our wanderings took us to Spring Street
Now that's one way to fix a broken window!
pretty old woodwork....hard, heavy, built to last. Somewhere along the line, homebuilders stopped with this lost art
I'm not sure if this is somebody's little cottage house, or a small business
This little house looks like its leaning. I bet it also at one time had a side porch
love the peach color on this house
and this pretty blue one......love that bay window!

always something interesting to see:
this house needs some tender loving care. LOL

pretty pink house porch. Can you hear the wind chime?

the door is open......should we visit?

my favorite shot today....because of the textures, the colors, and all those angles!

neat little round window in this house
I can't figure this one out....looks to be a victorian era house with a built on addition or a brick in where the porch was maybe? And it looks like a business downstairs now. Interesting

Love that purple door! and the pretty garden! And I see pretty stained glass on that bay window.
love this old doorway. Was it once a barber shop? Lots of texture, lots of patina, lots of history in these old houses and buildings....
beautiful ornate woodworking 

another breezy upstairs porch! Their ferns seem happy up there.
love this old, old window! 

love the double decker porches and those fans!


  1. There don't seem to be any two houses alike in your charming city! So much variety and character. And you manage to catch details that most people on the sidewalks probably never see.

  2. Charleston is FULL of beautiful old homes, packed with history!! If those door ways could talk. . . . .

    1. I know Suzanne...what forgotten stories they could tell...

  3. what a very cool area!! gorgeous homes with lot's of beautiful details. needing a little tlc!!!!

  4. Each picture is charming. It seems almost a lost world and time.

    The stories each wall in these homes could tell!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Debbi!


  5. Very pretty and colourful and charming!

  6. Looks like Spring Street has a lot to offer, Debbi. Love those old houses..Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. Oh, Debbi!

    I feel as if I've just walked ten miles, taking it all in. All those shapes and colours and contours of past-and-present Charleston, in the REAL of things---the windows (don't know WHEN I've seen a Nine-Over) and all the stoops and new-over-old architecture, as well as the dreamy still-as-was with the open porches and carefree fans and ferns---you can practically see the shadows of the past, idly sitting over ice-tea and taking in the scenery below on a Summer afternoon. The mosaic steps are charming, and all your comments on your views are spot on.

    All this led to a long look-up of the NotSo Hostel (charming play on words), and I wanna GO there, to stay in the Kendall room, to absorb and trek the streets around and soak in that heat and sun and all the centuries of charm.

    Always lovely to have you drop in at Lawn Tea!


  8. Oh Debbi, what a treat! I just love Victorian houses and architecture, thanks so much for the tour of your home town! Run down or not I enjoyed seeing it all!