"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Moon Pie General Store

one of my favorite shops in Charleston is the Moon Pie General Store:

So many fun and bright things to look at, and to purchase!
check out these "dammit-dolls"  ha ha LOL 
have you ever seen anything like these!?

Betty loves hers! I'm a huge Betty White fan. Just love her. And the Golden Girls.

Moon Pies, RC's, all kinds of flavored pecans!

Lots of yummy things to try!
Now, fixing to go get myself a nice ice cold RC!

happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Looks like fun! Kind of reminds me Cracker Barrel. I always grab Moon pies for my dad when I find them. :)

  2. That would be a fun store to visit! Bellbuckle TN has an annual RC-Moonpie festival but we've never been.

    I love Betty White too!

  3. OOOOH, all those goodies! Looks like a fun place to shop for unique goodies!

  4. That looks like an awesome store. And I love Betty White, too. I'd be suspicious of of anyone I met who didn't :)
    Thank you SO much on your kind words about our Tiger. We will miss her. She was a gentle, sweet girl and, like you, I believe we will see her again someday :) Thank you,

  5. What fun! I've never seen a dammit doll, but how cute. :)

  6. Gosh.. I didn't even know they made RC cool anymore! What great store.... those dolls are so funny :)

    To answer one of your questions, Stuart Damon was in the Cinderella movie and he played Dr. Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital.

    Oh and don't worry... Although, I've finished the series, I'm still going to share more about my life ;)