"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sanibel Island, Florida

We celebrated our anniversary in Florida a few weeks ago:

When you enter the state of Florida, they give you little "shot" glasses (cups) of orange juice. It sure tasted great!

Little birds at the Welcome Center:
Backroads of Florida

more back roads:

Our hotel's lovely pool area:

Shopping Center:
Crossing the bridge to get onto the island

a friendly pelican escorted us across...flew right along with us! It was neat!

The bridge itself is a designated park area, with many areas to pull off, park and enjoy the mini beaches with sand and that beautiful clear Florida water. There were lots of people fishing, riding horses, having picnics, and swimming.

The beautiful and scenic 98 foot tall Sanibel Lighthouse:
It was lit for the first time in 1884. It has a spiral staircase inside but is not open to the public.
It is called a "skeleton" tower type light house.
 a close up view of the chimney:

Hot day, cool water!

The beaches were natural, no hotels or high rises. That is the way we like it. Sanibel sits in a east/west direction...making it a world famous haven for many many types and sizes of seashells. People walk along all hunched over...looking for shells....and it's called the "Sanibel Stoop". 

I will have more photos to show you next post. Until then, I hope you enjoy these. It was a truly a photographer's paradise and I love to share my photos!


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary! You look so pretty on the beach! Fun photos and unique lighthouse!

  2. Having visited Sanibel a few times, I know how lovely it is. Your pictures bring back some good memories.

  3. You came through my part of the state on those back roads! (North Central FL) I've not been to Sanibel but it's on my wish list! I know it's beautiful and you must have had a wonderful anniversary! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. you really captured the essence of florida!! i love florida and all it has to offer but i am not able to tolerate the heat!!!!

    that oj thing is so cool, we always fly and they don't do that on the plane :(

  5. This was a touch of the old Florida I loved when visiting as a child. And when our first two children were small we went to Sanibel Island, got there in the middle of the night, could not find a motel that allowed pets and so finally snuck our little terrier in one until we could move the next day. Loved the beach there and still have shells from that trip.

    Can you believe having your own pelican escort? What a privilege!

  6. Debbi, you are too cute peaking out from the branches! It looks like a wonderful trip :)