"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hampton Park, Charleston

Today we walked around one of our city's parks- 63 acre Hampton Park.
Its really pretty there and has a nice fountain, a large pond, and a scenic little bridge.

Originally, it was an old plantation. (1769)
Does anyone know what these purple flowers are?
The gray and overcast skies cooled down the sultry temperatures we've been having.


  1. Such a beautiful park. The purple flowers are Cleome or "Spider Flowers." Those little green pods are filled with thousands of seeds.

  2. I planted Cleome once and they sprouted for years - everywhere. . The only way I could get rid of them was to move.

  3. I loved the pic. of the ducks. They are so cute. Wish we had lots of parks to visit...hmmm...maybe we do and I just haven't visited them. :)

  4. How lovely to have a visit from you at LAWN TEA today!!! Yes, the colour is festive (now see---I REALLY wanted something almost exactly your wonderful porch-rocker-pink), and after having gathered enough flappy scraps of cardboard, all with at least ONE variation on a pink shade, and some with FOUR, enough to paper the kitchen outright had I had the glue and the patience---I finally told my painter: Sweet 'n' Low Packet Pink. And there it was. Perfect.

    It IS perfect now---finally. The clear glass cannisters and apothecary jars and stoppered this and that have been removed and put back three times now, as we demolished, re-built with make-do counter-tops that Chris cut and fitted out of bath-shower-liner, and then the countertops themselves, and a final remove and tomorrow's replacement, as the NICE men who volunteered to remove and replace my microwave shelf came over tonight and did the job.

    We had a lovely, hearty, rousing-good-time dinner with them and their family, and now for the cleanup and put-away and final arranging.

    Wow. I feel as if I've ridden through a whole gift-book full of car washes, without the car.

    Thank you for dropping in---I recognized the cleome, but not by that name, for many a Summer afternoon at Mammaw's, my friends and I were rousted from picking off those inch-long "bean" things and shelling them into bottle cap pans. Thanks for bringing back that hot Delta sun and the smell of those infinitesimal green "peas."


  5. Debbi, it is beautiful. I love, love the Live Oak trees....so graceful.


  6. Charleston is always lovely - no mater the time of year!!! You're blessed to live there and able to get out in the streets so much!!