"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chicken at Zaxby's

We tried out a little place  called "Zaxby's" tonight.  Never been there before and it was yummy!

The service was great and the food tasted great as well!

My plate had 3 nice size peices of chicken with fries on the side and a slice of Texas toast. I also had a side order of the fried mushrooms, which were delicious, as was the dipping sauce--had just the right amount of 'bite' to it----some good horseradish there! (below-my mushrooms)

The decor was neat, lots of memorabillia type items hung on the walls.

I am all about great customer service-and we got it here. Great job Zaxby's!

In other Lowcountry news, check out the quickly vanishing crepe myrtle blossoms!

Soon they will be gone, gone, gone as Fall approches. Well, TECHNICALLY I know the calendar says "Fall" but of course it doesnt even begin to feel like Fall here on the coast till December or so.  We dont even rake the leaves until February here----when the last of them finally finish falling--and those trees are few and far between anyway--pretty much everything else stays green year round, which is just one more reason I delight in coastal living!

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