"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Best Friend Visits

Look at these lovely balloons I saw in the store! So fun!

(and whatever else trouble we can get into! LOL)

Both dolls are attired in their brand new spring frocks purchased at the annual "Ross Spring Dress Event". Tansy chose a pink ribbon for her permanently beautiful pony tail and her friend  looks beautiful in her hot pink royal fascinator. Tansy's ribbon is from wal-mart and her friend's hair peice is "from the mall, y'all".

"my Ma-Maw says to always stop and smell the flowers!"

She wore this one all last summer and also gave me a pretty green one for my birthday last year.
talked to them and their owner for a bit---such sweet and gentle dogs

Legs sponsored by the "SmoothasGlass Permanent Wax Shop"

Little hat lady in training

"I can't wear shoes like that anymore. My bones have spurred, my toes have cramped, my arches have fallen and my knees don't BEND like you modern dolls." sighs Tansy.

Somebody please help poor Tansy----she is having a wardrobe malfunction!

Hip----don't slip! Knees-----don't fail me! Back--don't go out! Good thing I took my Geritol this morning! That and three iced coffees got me up this tree, y'all!

"how is my beautiful and bouncy pony-tail holding up??"
Make-up provided by the "ItNeverMelts Permanent Eye liner and Lipstick Store"

Tansy says "my hair frizzed up but my lipstick never fades or smears!"
Looking a little wilted, ladies.....how about coming in for a blast of cool air conditioning and a big glass of sweet tea??
**********MERCY, YES!!***********
(no Barbies or Tansies were harmed in the making of this post. And no tiny shoes were lost.) 

********and a Ma-Maw had fun walking with her daughter and  playing dolls with her granddaughter on the sidewalks of Charleston. We always have fun!*******

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying some nice spring weather in your neck of the woods!


  1. such a sweet and fun walk with your "girls"!!

    loved the bouquet of balloons, that soon will be making many different moms happy!!

    the flowers in your area are colorful and oh so pretty. we purchased ours yesterday at the garden center, we will be planting this week!!

    happy mothers day debbi, i hope you have a very special day!!!

  2. How wonderful to have such fun with your grandgirl. She will remember these days long after she has grown up. Beautiful post- xoDiana

  3. So glad you could have your girls with you and so many pretty sights but my favorite is the old brick building with the flowers in the windows and the one of the three of you with your hats. Happy Mother's day.

  4. What a fun, fun post! I loved it!