"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, April 18, 2019

At the Gate

"Two, Four, Six, Eight, Meet me at the Garden gate!...."
And we'll go for a walk...

Tropical plants and spring blooms

I'll take y'all down by this "green wall"
Let's go find some secret gardens to peek into, okay?----here's one now!
Love their pretty fountain and little pool. Someone put some big pretty seashells on it

bright flowers tumbling out of window boxes--one of my most favorite city sights!

Here's another gate and garden we can peek into!
perfect time to show off my new little fancy evening purse I got thrifting the other day! Not using it today, but brought it along to make pictures of it!

It's heavily beaded and kind of sparkly. I'm not 100% sure if it's vintage or not. Don't really care because I DO LOVE IT! lol
(here's a picture I made later--you can see the pattern and the slinky chain better)

lovely garden with a fountain and a circle of stones

Spring's pretty purple wisteria has now faded.....it's here such a short time and I love seeing it
Stopping here to photograph and show y'all this pretty lawn behind me....I love their unique stepping stone sidewalk!
Now I'll take you down by this big stone wall.....I'm always intrigued by Charleston's walls. We're LUCKY that we've been able to see inside many of them!---but certainly NOT ALL OF THEM. LOL Guaranteed there is nearly always something interesting on the other side though!
This wall is especially interesting because...............

the bricks make it appear to have 'wings'

.............and if you stand just right, you can look like an angel! haha LOL
My friend Linda over at http://lindaslifejournal-artlady1948.blogspot.com/
 asked me if that was my sleeve peeking out or if that was a bracelet on yesterday's post.
These are so easy to make and just something I came up with one day while playing around with my pins. All I do is wind a headband around my wrist twice, then stick a big pin I like on it. This one is my rhinestone seahorse. 
I've collected pins for so many years and I love them. I know they are not very fashionable right now, but that's ok--I still like mine. LOL

pretty sure I had this one on in yesterday's post

So easy to make, because the wide soft headbands come in many textures and colors, flower prints, fun prints, velvet, silk, soft stretch material etc. You can get them anywhere, even Wal Mart and Dollar Stores.
Thank you for your sweet compliments, Linda, and for asking!
Linda mentioned my nail polish too. So for any of you who want to try this bright wild color, like I did, LOL!--here it is:
bought mine at Wal Mart. Didn't cost much, maybe $4. I will say---it's a wild color but I sure have received tons of compliments on it while out and about! LOL

Look at the pretty blue sky! It must be the "blue hour". Mr. Front Porch and I call it "the blue MINUTE" though----because it seems to appear and disappear so quickly, ha ha LOL Sometimes I'm lucky enough to catch it.

The spring sun has set and people are gathering 
inside their homes. The streetlights are now on and  the flickering lanterns on some homes jump and dance in the twilight.  Dogs have been walked and children are being bathed, the glow of televisions and computers can be glimpsed as you walk past. A ship's horn sounds in the harbor.  Lights appear in the windows of the old houses and the scents of supper float out open windows. Somebody is surely frying up pork chops and it smells so delicious!


  1. Oh, my goodness! Your descriptions make me feel like I’m right THERE!!! Awesome visit and I love peeking in the gardens with you!
    Now- that bracelet!!! I’m so impressed with your creativity! I have so many MANY pins and I am SO going to do what YOU do! I can’t wait to get some headbands! Ant to think of the dozens I gave away not all that long ago. What a great way to wear our pins! I’m so glad I asked about that! Win! WIN!!

  2. What wonderful walks you take us on, thanks for sharing and have a lovely Easter. ~ FlowerLady

  3. The blue hour picture is my favorite but I also love the one fountain that looks like a silver vase with seating around it. Your new purse is really pretty and hope you have a special occasion to use it.

  4. Loving your pink blooms but that wisteria is just my favorite. Oh, I love wisteria and it doesn't grow all that well here, so this is a joy!

  5. you look GREAT debbi...now let me say, you could be an angel but first i saw a butterfly!!

    the flowers are gorgeous, but the wisteria is a favorite of mine, my color!!

    happy easter debbi, happy spring!!!

  6. Your idea of wearing the headband with a pin is so neat. It looks pretty on you. I am such a "plain Jane", but my neighbor loves jewelry and pins. She will love this idea. I just love the wisteria. I planted some years ago and it has never bloomed. Now I have some growing in a pot that I need to find the perfect place for. You always look so pretty.

  7. I, too, love wisteria...my mama nearly always had it growing somewhere on our place.
    I also love how much YOU love your beautiful city...enjoy the sight-seeing with you so much.