"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fancy Poodle

This pretty little white poodle with the bright blue bow caught my eye recently! I thought to myself "what a cute little doggie---somebody put a pretty bow on it today"

But getting in closer it doesn't look like a bow at ALL!!---it looks more like a kitchen scratch pad  or a hair net stretched out and fanned over the doggies head?
Or maybe it's some style bow I don't know about? LOL What do y'all think?
Either way---nice little doggie and she looked right at me when I called at to her to be photographed! She sat right up and posed oh so pretty.
I just never know WHAT I am going to see! ha ha LOL


  1. That really is crazy...but looks kind of cute too! And you're right...you never know what you'll see! Better carry that camera everywhere you go! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  2. Very stylin' doggie there! I always thought Georgie would look cute with some reindeer antlers on, he looks so much like a fawn, but no luck. I envy others that have sweet little dogs that cooperate with their whims. Oh the places you go and the things that you see!


  3. What a stylish doggie you've made friends with!! I can't see how anything is attached, and I almost believe that it's a dyed mohawk. I was waiting at the groomer for our Fuzzy-Pup one day, (he has the neatest little shave-clip in the warm months, though he's a touch-the-floor full-coat Peke when it's grown out, and we get them to leave only a little back-leg pair of monkey-pants, a dainty lion's-tail brush, and the funniest little red toupee, for he ranges in colour from nose to tail) and a lady was discussing the pattern for dyeing her poodle's head. Colts' blue was mentioned, I believe.

    You may have a secret Duke fan amongst you.

    We did not feel the wrath of whatever ice storm was direly predicted for the past few days, so we're profoundly grateful for just bone-chill damp cold instead of shattering trees and impassable roads. Hope you're still strolling the wonderful paths of Charleston in a light jacket, for I remember you when I have to don cape, hat and gloves.


  4. Since we love Charleston, I always enjoy your posts. I especially enjoyed the Christmas ones--showing decorations, etc. What a gorgeous area...

    About this dog---I wonder if the blue patch is some blue die in that area??? Not sure I'd like that. Beautiful dog though...


  5. Haha.....that is so cute. Looks like they trimmed the dog that way and then colored that one spot. Cute.