"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Upstairs Living

There are many charming upstairs apartments in Charleston

They are fun to look at. 

Many many of the old houses in our city have been converted into apartments or condos. Some have four or many more apartments in them, depending on size of the original house. I like it when they divide into ONLY TWO apartments....the whole floor downstairs and the whole floor upstairs.

Lots of plants on this porch:
Went by days later and noticed something different! At first I thought they had hung festive lights but on second glance...maybe these are "grow lights" for the plants? Anyone know?

This is an interesting way to grow plants! not sure how they did that?

colorful flag banner and hanging "doo-dads"
To me, this is a 'happy porch'. There are clean clothes drying, maybe a beach towel or two thrown over to air dry so someone has been to the ocean, happy vines cascading down, colorful little flower pots.

This upstairs balcony intrigues me every spring and summer....they have so much green growing up there! I wonder how they water it?


  1. I guess when one is living in an apartment --either upstairs or downstairs, he/she has to do whatever they can to bring some 'outside' into their living area... Love those porches.... Reminded me of some of the OLD big homes in Knoxville --where my ex-hubby's grandmother lived... Lots of those old homes had been turned into apartments just like the ones you shared here... NEAT.


  2. Oh Debbi, I do so enjoy all of your outings, so glad you share them all with us in photos! So much fun!

  3. These are wonderful porches! I love how much life is going on in them, with all the plants and colorful banners. There's something so special about a little porch - a place to enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine. xx K

  4. I love all the porches! What a fascinating neoghborhood you live in!! Some of those porches feature very interesting planters!!!
    I do so love a good porch!!

  5. I have a post on precious porches coming up this week -- I love the ones you feature, especially the up-tall ones! Beautiful!

  6. I love that porch with plants and lights ♥


  7. i love pretty porches, that are decorated with southern charm!!!!