"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, January 29, 2016

City Kitties

I meet kitties all the time while out walking.
Some are quite tame and sit up tall and proud and pose for me like this pretty butterscotch-boy.

Others, bless their little hearts, look like they are wild as can be and are living a hard life on the city streets. My heart just goes out to them. This poor little guy looks worn out, dirty, hungry, and like he's been in a cat fight. I want to help them all and I can't.....

I met this white kitty this week. It jumped down off it's perch and raced across it's porch and came running to greet me, It insisted on me petting it........and purred like crazy. It also tried to follow us home....follow, follow, follow, it did.....for quite some time. It finally gave up, and turned around and went (hopefully) back to it's porch.

this little kitty is blurry........but she so wanted to be part of this blog post! LOL

this kitty was pretending to be a lion, hunting in the forest. "ROAR!"

Bouncy, Pouncy, Bouncy, Pouncy.........this one hurried right up to greet me!

I met this kitty  on Tradd, I think. It came and got it's pets and purrs.......and then went on it's way.

this kitty was quite wary of us........and wouldn't leave it's shelter of the car. It felt safe there.
another friendly little black kitty I met last summer........

Coming up............Car Kitties! LOL

See ya later, orange kitty..........you must be off and about your important business.........

Met this nice boy just this week, he was taking a nice long winter's nap on his colorful and warm blanket out on the porch. The photos are blurry....but he sure was pretty. 

I spotted this sweet little girl kitty in a window on busy King Street. (how do I know she's a GIRL? you ask..........just pretend with me, okay?) She's a GIRL. LOL

I tried to zoom in a little closer......she seemed to see me.
She has LOTS to watch and observe up there on her lofty perch you see..........

Because she lives WAY UP HIGH above the city streets, and there is ALWAYS something interesting and fun to see if you are a sweet little GIRL KITTY......who lives WAY UP there.

City Kitties..........Love 'em!!


  1. I love to see all the cats, too, but the homeless ones break my heart. Those poor little scratched up noses. :(( I do feed some homeless cats and realize the extent of this problem. It is everywhere, unfortunately. Deb

  2. Oh, I hope that kitty that followed you had a home to go back to. I feel so bad when I see homeless animals.

  3. They are so sweet! I used to carry a little bag of kibble, just in case I met a really hungry one.

  4. What sweet kitties! I really felt for that scruffy looking one. Life is not east out on the street.

  5. Those are cute kitties, so many of them! It's like a cat calendar!

  6. It's really nice that you captured these city kitties on your camera. Most of them looked well cared for and I hope that those that aren't will find someone to feed them and give them a home.

  7. My cat was not allowed outside..but the ones I had earlier in my life were. Of course some never came home again either. Just disappeared forever. I have not had a cat for years now...and how I miss having one..except for the cat box, of course! :)

  8. i don't usually see so many cats outdoors. you sure did see a lot!!!!

  9. Wow that was fun. I adore kitties of all kinds so this post was right up my alley.

  10. Oh how sweet, Debbi. So many people don't like cats but we love them. There aren't many strays or outdoor cats here...too many coyotes.

  11. Like you and everyone else, I felt so bad for that homeless kitty. I hope someone feeds him.

    I'll bet the kitty in the window does see a lot!


  12. what a fun kitty post! i laughed at the blurry kitty wanting to be in the blog post! i feel so sad for the one that lives on the streets :(

  13. This is sweet kitty post for sure
    I have a kitty now I found wandering the neighborhood and he's mine now. He was sleeping under a bush in my front yard two years ago in freezing rain
    I got him to come in my basement door and look around and fed him so he's here to stay
    I named him Shirley thinking she was a girl but after a visit to the vets he's a he, now he's is ShirLee

  14. That's a lot of kitties...:)

  15. Wow. My daughter does the same thing as you! That white one was so pretty. xoxo Su