"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wisteria Time in the Lowcountry

Looks like everybody had a great Easter! We did too!

Its time for the lovely purple wisteria here in Charleston. I love it and eagerly wait for it every year. Its such a delightful shade of purple!

Its just dripping from everything and everywhere right now.

I love how it is NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. You can spot it clear to the top of telephone poles and swaying in the tops of the lofty trees.  Brave little flowers, indeed.

There are so many plants, flowers, and trees, and flowering bushes in full bloom here, I can scarcely keep up with it all, or the names of them all.  One thing for sure,I love them all!

Hot pink Easter Azaleas greeted us outside our church:

After church, we spent the afternoon on Sullivan's Island. The restaurants were hopping and lively! This is Poes, a neat place!

A walk on the beach:

A little girl digs her toes into the Atlantic sand

After our Easter lunch, and the opening of Easter basket for little granddaughter, we set out on the search for Easter eggs.
Look at her sweet little Easter shoes and Easter socks:

Lookie....there's one now!!
The nice lady at this house was so thrilled I noticed her pretty yellow flowers, said she'd been working so hard to get them to grow back this year. She said they are a type of jasmine I think.
An alert "horsie" directs us to the next eggs!

Maybe theres some in here?
Her little basket got full SEVERAL TIMES.....and we kept doing it again and again and again......until we were all worn out!
For dessert that night, there was plenty of THIS!!!:


  1. How sweet she is and what fun for you all! The flowers are beautiful, too. I've seen some wisteria blooming here this week. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  2. Debbi..it must be so wonderful to have the water to keep all those plant alive. Just beautiful We are on water ration here...not fun. Wisteria...I would love to have some of that growing.

  3. All your pictures are lovely, but I am most struck by your wisteria. I don't know that I have ever seen wisteria in person. I wonder if it grows in my area.

    Thanks for asking about my hand. I am typing this with both hands and not having any pain!

  4. What a lovely Easter you had. That Wisteria is gorgeous as was the Yellow Jasmine. Your little granddaughter is just darling. I enjoyed this post.

  5. I love Wisteria. Your photos are beautiful! I miss living so close to Charleston! Have a lovely week.