"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mary's House

We walk past this house all the time and wonder about the spiky fencing! So I went and got this book at the library. I love to read history.

Several of you commented on the fence I photographed and posted the other day on how "unfriendly" that fence looked. Here it is again:

In comparison to the next photo....that one suddenly looks awful nice and friendly and welcoming all of a sudden doesn't it? HA HA LOL

I dont think they are open to visitors today, what do you think? Who wants to try to go up and ring their bell? Not me!

Next door:

I love to photograph all the textures and patterns of old brick, iron, wood, chipping paint and architecture that is dripping with history. I can keep busy for hours roaming our city streets, alleys, cemeteries, and churchyards doing just that.

        joining Tex for the "Good Fences" party!


  1. Wow- That spike fence is just scary looking, isn't it? It sure would keep trespassers out...or escaping husbands from getting away. xo Diana

  2. Scrooge must live there. That is an interesting fence but nasty looking.

  3. oh, my goodness! the most intense wrought iron i've ever seen! reminds me of the razor wire at prison yards! yikes! thanks for sharing that amazing find!

    as for your question on how cold it gets in ne tx, during the snowstorms we had the past couple of weeks, we were in low 20s, but we often get into teens during winter time.

  4. I like that spiky fence (on a photo:)
    But I wouldn't want to live there or
    go in as a visitor. Nope!
    I'm like you about finding rust and
    stuff like that, have a nice one in
    my fence post :D
    Have a beautiful day

  5. Good morning, Debbi,
    Wow, that is really some fence!!! Wondering what they are afraid of.

  6. Hi Debbi, you are very talented with your camera and captured great shots in that fence. WOW I would not try to pass that one either. It certain looks unique!!
    Love the bricks texture too.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, CM

  7. Hello Debbi, Yikes! Those are some mean fences! Your photos are spectacular.

  8. LOL!! those fences made me smile :) very warm and welcoming! I just popped in from Mildreds blog... glad I didn't have to scale those fences to get here haha :)

  9. you are correct that second fence is terribly unfriendly and downright dangerous looking.

  10. My word, that doesn't say welcome does it! I'm like you and love to take photos of the architecture, columns, beams etc but as for spiky fences I think that one wins the prize! Take care x

  11. That spiky fence is certainly daunting! I guess their belonging are safe though lol