"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lots of new recipes to try!

I just finished the Pioneer Woman's latest book and want to recommend it to y'all!

I adore her books because:
1. they are big and colorful!

2. they have super easy to follow recipes that are easy to follow. The recipes are laid out in order and with plenty of photos so you can follow along

3. there are always extra photos, plenty of them, of their big beautiful ranch and their family/lovely kids/pets. Its fun to look at the livestock, the scenery, that neck of the woods.

4. the recipes turn out like the photos and except for only a very few, they are not complicated or take long to make.

This new book focuses on holidays and has a great variety of meals for all occasions. 

This is a great addition to your kitchen cookbooks, one you'll go to again and again. Its also just a fun book to read and to enjoy the awesome photography. 
Other new products I am trying:

have y'all tried the new Domino pourable sugar yet?
Last months ladies magazines had coupons so I gave it a try. Love the tall slender container and it's easy pour flip top. Its a fine quick dissolving sugar. It comes in brown sugar as well. Pretty cool! I like it!
This purchase also made me happy:

These are two of the new spring colors in the NYC Expert Last line. The pink is #447 and the orange is #445. Both look exactly the same on your lips as in the tube. Best of all, they are only $1.97 a tube! They work great for that price!

Do y'all use a make up/foundation primer underneath your base make up? Because if you do, and are looking for a new one I totally LOVE this one. Bare Minerals Prime Time.

 My Mom sent it to me and it is hands down 100% the absolute best primer ever. It goes on like silk and makes your make up go on 100% smoother and makes it last all day, even all night if I dont remove it at night. 

I also love this moisturizer. Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel.
Now I dont know why the box says "NEW" because it is not a new product----I have used this for years now. I love this moisturizer because it is a CLEAR GEL. My skin just drinks it up, and fast. This gel is absorbed quickly and I like that--no waiting around for it to soak in. Plus it really is refreshing and in the summer I keep mine in the fridge. First thing when you wake up, after cleansing...that'll really wake you up!
That is all my recommendations for this time! You might see something you might want to try too.

....Im not affiliated with the products above and  I didn't receive compensation or products---I'm just sharing my own personal opinion of products I use regularly, or new ones I am trying out.....


  1. Hi Debbi. I like to read lists like this. I do use primer and I think it helps...don't you?

    I confess to nevver buying one of The Pioneer Woman cookbooks because her recipes are online. But you are making me see the light when it comes to the book. :)

  2. Oh, what a great review of products! Bassets in New Year's hats and eagles soaring. I want to move to her neck of the woods :) My daughter lives in Boston and the Pioneer Woman was at Harvard University (I think) late last year but my daughter had a conflicting schedule that night. She REALLY wanted to go see her but wasn't able.

    I've worn the Bare Minerals powder makeup but have never tried their primer. Might have to do so! And I loved the lipstick colors! Talk about a great deal with the price!

    We've switched over to using Stevia instead of sugar or I'd be really interested in trying the sugar as well.

    Thanks for the kind words on the flock of bluebirds that have become our yard guests as of late! They are an incredible joy to watch! Suet initially interested them in visiting, and then going specifically with insect suet and mealworm suet, and then dried mealworms themselves was the clincher! Until (if ever) it warms up here in New England, they're not going to find many worms or insects on their own I'm afraid!

    Have a beautiful Sunday!


  3. I love watching The Pioneer Woman on tv but I don't have any of her cookbooks! I'd love them though, I'm sure. I use Bare Minerals but have never tried the primer either. I like Curel lotion...fragrance free. It really soaks into your skin and makes it smooth. Sweet hugs!