"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Them Dogs are A Diving!"

Georgetown is a nice little small town. We were there yesterday for the "Dixie Dog Dock Diving" competition

What fun to watch the dogs hurl themselves at top speed down the runway (oops---dock) and then throw themselves (ooops-jump) with abandon into the water below! All of them seemed to love it!

(below, the old town clock, undergoing some work it appears)

Scenes from historic Georgetown


My brunch was great--I had scrambled eggs and bacon. The service was great and we loved the atmosphere and the lovely old exposed brick walls---with lots of local art/paintings/ etc available for purchase.

Cute little vases on all the tables

Loved this bright mosaic table just outside!

(below--a lovely home by the water)

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  1. Thanks for the lovely tour. I felt like I was right there walking around that little town with you. For lunch I would have had the turkey sandwich with hot chocolate (I'm imagining it is pretty cold there). I love working with tile and that table is gorgeous. All the little bits and pieces of art and homes and flowers - such fun! Around here we don't have dock diving but we have a lot of dog surfing! We always go down the beach for that fun. Thanks for a fun day out and about town.