"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, August 3, 2017

At the Pond

We like to walk around the pond and use it as part of/or all of our walks. I think two laps around is about a mile, and it's a very pretty and peaceful place and one of our favorite places to watch the sun set. There are benches all around if you need to stop and rest and the recent  five million dollar revitalization added dozens of new trees, shrubs, ground-covers, and flowers to enjoy as well as very nicely done paths and good lighting for after dark.

I think the pretty scarlet flowers are called Swamp Hibiscus.


  1. Your Charleston hath SO many charms---especially all the convenient ways to SEE all the delights of the city. A congenial stroll around a pond, with all those places to stop and reflect, or just stare at a graceful water-bird making his own stroll amongst the cat-tails---peaceful and quiet and Life Goes On as usual.

    You've just given me a lovely few moments, as your Swamp Hibiscus reminded me of That perfect role of Carol Burnett in ONCE UPON A MATTRESS---as Winifred, the Woebegone, from The Swamps of HOME. So I just watched her wonderful rendition of SHYYYYY! fromn 1964. We saw it LIVE in our first little house, that jumpy, faded black and white, and enjoyed every minute of that real Broadway magic.

    Lovely memory kindled---thank you.


  2. Such pretty flowers. Makes your walk so much more enjoyable, I bet.