"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, February 19, 2017

SEWE Charleston

It's time for SEWE  again!

Would y'all like to go with us?
What is it?---It's the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and it's an annual event here in Charleston. This is the thirty-fifth year!
Today (Sunday) is the final day and there are still many interesting events to enjoy!
There is fine art to see, wildlife films, nature photography, live bluegrass music, pet adoptions, lots of fun kids activities, and many food vendors, lectures, etc.
If you enjoy nature, wildlife, or the sporting life--you will like SEWE. With the temperatures in the 70s all weekend, it's been so nice to be outside!

Yesterday we enjoyed national tv celebrity and host of ABC's "Ocean Mysteries" Jeff Corwin as he gave a wonderful talk about conservation and showed us lots of wild animals.

There were alligators, crocodiles, several types of owls, foxes, birds, opossum, a baby eagle, and some big snakes, although not as big as the one pictured in the big screen behind Jeff! LOL

Afterwards he mingled with the audience--answering all questions and taking time to pose for pictures and sign autographs. 

I was excited about seeing my favorite event again this year---the Dock Dogs! The finals will  be held today beginning at ten a.m. and around 4 p.m.

Here's a few pictures of handlers and their dogs. They work so closely together and the dogs are so excited to JUMP! Some of them are so intense! And some are so playful! 

It's such a fun event to watch!

Today was the high vertical jump. These dogs were leaping as high as six feet up to grab the toy....then splashing down to swim!

A few events scheduled for today include cooking demonstrations by chefs, Retriever dog demonstrations, Birds of Prey demonstrations, a petting zoo, many exhibits and pony rides and camel rides for the kids.
There are fly fishing demonstrations at 12:30 today at  Brittlebank park and the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary show at the Gaillard Center at 11:00 a.m.

The Edisto Island Serpentarium will be in Marion Square, as well as Garden and Gun, food and wine, the Ducks Unlimited Tent, and lots of outdoor products and souvenirs to buy.

You can buy tickets at the events and there is free bus shuttle service back and forth between Brittlebank Park where the Dock Dogs pools are---to Marion Square for the Birds of Prey demonstrations and animal exhibits---and back. You can ride it as  many times as you like.

The shuttles run from 9:45 a.m. until about 6:30 this evening, when SEWE shuts down. Exhibits close down today at 5 p.m.
 The shuttles will save you alot of time and parking aggravation  when going from event to event, we love them!
Dogs are welcome at SEWE if they are leashed, but they are not permitted on the shuttle buses.

A gorgeous sunset topped off SEWE today:
I'll have more pictures tomorrow!
"Thanks for having us, SEWE!"


  1. What a fabulous event! We watch Jeff C. on TV and love his adventures and his accent. You must have had a ball there. Can't wait to see more wildlife! The dogs are fun too! Hope you get some rest today! Hugs!

  2. Hi Debbi, that looks like my kind of event! The dogs look like they are having so much fun. Looking forward to more photos!
    Take care.