"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good bye to Fall

Well, the Fall days are pretty much over. The first day of winter arrives soon and the Christmas season is now in full swing.

Ive gone looking back at some of my favorite captured moments from the past few years--

Just a few more shots of Carolina Fall:
(the settings on my camera were wrong, but the photos were absolutely made in the Fall)
Love the way the branches almost looked like a heart!
"Every leaf speaks bliss to me
fluttering from an autumn tree"......Emily Bronte

"The air is growing chilly  now
and maple leaves feel crisp,
It feels so good to take a walk
in weather such as this".......Louise McQuillen

Colorful produce stand on Sullivan's Island:

 Youngsters frolicking on the beach! One was named "Summer" and the other "Zoey". I didn't catch the other dog's names.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my new blog on Charleston and the Lowcountry. There is nothing like taking pictures of this beautiful area. I notice you have a picture taken under the dock. I have one like that that I will get to one of these days. Stay tuned! Have a good week! Suzie